Apa pulak nie?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Terima kasih El Nino.. Torres stays kat Liverpool... YNWA

Semua supporter liverpool mesti suka news nie... Torres committed to stay at Liverpool and tak sabar nak balik Anfield untuk training dengan geng baru liverpool, Jova, Cole, Danny...

Torres, The El Nino

Cole, Jova, Hudgson, Danny

Liverpool relief after Fernando Torres says he wants to stay. 'Fernando Torres has told us he wants to come back'. Roy Hodgson says striker will resume training next week
Hodgson on Torres future


  1. oh tidak ! ak ske torres tp tak ske berita nih , huhu .

  2. Liverpool kena ada striker tulen... kalau tidak...hancus...

  3. Nice friend..visit mine if u free ekh ;D

  4. advice for torres: jgn asik injured je....
    joe, milan and danny welkam to the club!!!

  5. hopefully dia tak injure sangat season nie.. we need him to be the 'the big four' again... gerrard need to play behind him... we need good DMF..someone like Alonso... w we can find one?